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  • Property Disputes

  • Probate

  • Wills

  • Power of Attorney

  • Enduring Guardian

Clients signing their will documents

We prepare legal documents to suit your needs including:


  • Wills - that give you peace of mind in knowing that your estate goes to those you care about when you are gone.

  • Power of Attorney - so a trusted person can manage your affairs if you need assistance.

  • Enduring Guardian - so a trusted person can make decisions about your health and welfare if you suffer an illness or injury and you cannot make a decision for yourself. 


For advice or assistance in looking after a deceased estate, call or email us now. If needed, we can apply to the Supreme Court of NSW for a grant of Probate of a will or Letters of Administration of an estate.


If you were closely related to or dependent on someone who has died and they did not leave you with anything or what has been left to you is not adequate, you may have a right to make a claim on their estate. Time limits apply when making claims. Do not delay making a claim or you might miss out on your entitlement.


For advice Contact Us now.

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